QR Browser

QR Browser is a French file hosting platform, with QR Code generator.

This platform offers a complete solution, to create QR Codes from any type of file.

Created by Tristan Rogez in MAY 2020, its objective was to make it possible to consult documents "without contact", during the global COVID-19 crisis.

Today, it has thousands of users all over the world! Passing the bar of 300,000 QR Code consultations in October 2020, QR Browser stands out with its innovative online services.

QR Code and Ecology

Besides the desire to offer an alternative to paper, it is a real desire to change the codes of advertising that drives this project.

In a world where everything goes very quickly, or everything changes rapidly, we are proposing a radical shift in information consultation.

It is estimated that with an average tree we can produce 8,500 leaves. At the same time, an average mature tree produces almost 120 kg of oxygen from CO2 each year.

Also, it eliminates in one year the carbon equivalent to that produced by an automobile that travels for approximately 42,000 kilometers. We want to offer a modern and ecological solution that would reduce this impact.

The dematerialization of flyers, prospectuses, catalogs, restaurant / bar menus and any other support, is the number 1 objective of QR Browser. With QRcode access, the customer no longer needs to touch paper and printing costs are considerably reduced.

QR Code and Economy

Every merchant, entrepreneur or advertiser knows the cost of a paper communication operation.

In addition to the cost of creating a model, it takes hundreds or even thousands of euros to print it.

This cost can be radically reduced by hosting your file on QR Browser and giving access via its QRcode.

How does the QR Code work on QR Browser?

1 choose a file to host on QR Browser. (accepted formats: jpg, png, gif, bmp, pdf, rar, zip, ppt, pptx, mp3, mpeg, ai, eps)

2 enter an e-mail address to receive the QRCode of access.

3 print the QrCode received by e-mail and place it wherever you want in your business.

4 All your customers need to do is scan the QRCode with a smartphone to access the file.